Two days after winning the Sandow, Brandon Curry casually benched 315 pounds for multiple reps and moved 130-pound dumbbells to jumpstart his Muscle & Fitness photoshoot at Filthy Power Gym.



The 36-year-old bodybuilder became the 15th person to be named Mr. Olympia at the end of an exciting 2019 Olympia weekend. Between celebrity showings at the Olympia Expo and multiple first-time title winners, the Olympia and Olympia Expo were full of sights to see. It all ended with Curry covered in gold confetti on stage at the Orleans Arena.

After his photoshoot, we asked Curry what was running through his mind as he waited next to William Bonac for announcer Bob Cicherillo to reveal the judges’ decision. His response? “How long is it going to take Bob to say my name.”

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