How many times have you seen the expression “bodybuilding shows are won from the back”? If you look at Olympia history, you’ll see that the old saying rings true for a reason. Many top champions have left with the gold medal and the big check because of their presentation when facing away from the crowd.

So you know the back is essential for success, but how do you develop you back muscles? The same way the champions did.

We’ve taken a look at how five multiple-Sandow winners blasted their biggest muscle group, and the reasons why they added those specific moves to their training repertoire.

Stay tuned to the end for a back training regimen that encompasses all five moves, a routine guaranteed to get you results in no time and even get you ready for the bodybuilding stage yourself.

Muscular bodybuilder doing a back workout using the back exercise the pullup

Best Exercises for a Well-Rounded Back

The back is comprised of four distinct muscle groups. Zero in on all.

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