Very few people will dispute that the most popular muscle group for many gym rats is the biceps. It has its own emoji, for goodness sakes (you’ve used it and you know it). For anyone who ever flexed his or her arm when asked to “make a muscle,” training the biceps is a must. Some people may train them with back or chest while others hit them with triceps for a full arm pump, but they definitely get trained hard regularly.

The best muscle group to pair them with is another discussion for another day. What’s important right now is how to train them when the time comes. Fortunately, M&F, Flex, and M&F Hers has spoken to numerous authorities on the subject. These four champion bodybuilders and physique superstars of the past and present can and will help you stretch the sleeves, or maybe you’ll abandon them completely and rock a tank top.


The Ultimate Champions’ Chest Workout

Bring your pecs up to an elite level thanks to tips from the best in bodybuilding and fitness.

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