Sun’s out, guns out! Summer is upon us, the mercury is spiking and it’s time to start enjoying some time out by the pool or shore. But before you go all Hulk Hogan on your tee, you should ask yourself: Are my abs worthy of the sun yet?

If the answer is no then you need to tighten up your diet and add these five lower ab moves into your current routine. That’s because the lower abs are the toughest area to dial in. Guys either overlook it or just have a genetic tendency to carry more goods in that area. These exercises will help you chisel your abs, giving you the well-defined waistline that you want when it comes time to strip down.

Muscular fitness model showing his abs and chest muscle while wearing a hoodie and hat

The 10 Best Abs Exercises for Beginners

Give these moves a try for a truly impressive six-pack.

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