If the coronavirus (aka COVID-19) pandemic has your city on lockdown and going to the gym isn’t an option, the easy thing to do is relax and binge Netflix while you self-quarantine. But for the many gym rats locked in their homes, bodyweight workout routines are more important than ever right now. 

Contrary to popular belief, an effective training session can be performed with nothing more than your body weight—and in 10 minutes. All you need is a floor and gravity. 

There’s no question that the coronavirus is a serious health crisis, but if you’re healthy, you don’t have to let it take control of your gains. Try the workout below if you’re looking for a way to get pumped while you practice social distancing.    


Directions: Do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. For the final four moves (aka a military plank), stay in the pushup position.

Exercise Reps
Seal Jack 40
Knees to Ankles 20
Buns Out 20
Split Lunge Hop 20
L-Sit Out 20
Mountain Climbers 20
Single-Leg Knee Tuck 10
Pushup 20
Plank Hold 30 Sec.



The Stay At Home, Get Ripped, Total Body Workout R...

Build muscle and maintain your gains with this work from home workout.

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