Landmine training was invented long before the barbell attachment was created—unofficially—when the first gym bro stuck a barbell in corner and created a T- Bar rows variation long ago.

For lifters who have shoulder mobility issues, landmine training is an excellent method to lift overhead because it combines vertical and horizontal pressing paths and is a nice change from regular barbell training. The beauty of landmine training is that it trains your body from a different angle and makes some traditional barbell exercises easier for those with mobility or stability shortfalls.

Other benefits of landmine training include.

  • The ability to go heavy with unilateral exercises.
  • Gripping the fatter end of the barbell increases grip strength.
  • Angled training gives the spine a break from the compressive load of traditional barbell training.
  • The ability to hit the muscles from abnormal angles in standing, tall, and half-kneeling positions.

All this makes it an excellent training method to improve your bench, deadlift, and squat. Here five coaches give you the lowdown on landmine exercises to improve your strength with your Big 3 lifts. Let’s get to it.