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Follow this 12-week program to reboot your workout and boost strength gains.

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Pre-Program Strength Evaluation

Test your 1RM:

  • Squat Test
  • Bench Test
  • Deadlift Test

The easiest way to test this is to download a 1RM calculator app or Google a 1RM chart. Then you'll pick a challenging weight you're used to. Try to get as many reps as you can with that weight. If it's more than 15 reps, do it over, using a heavier weight. Then plug those numbers (weight and reps) into the calculator.

Spring Strength Part 1:

In the first phase of this program, the goal is to work with more volume to prepare your body for the heavier lifts that lie ahead. The four-day split in this program permits the lifter to work on form, which will be key when the lifts get heavier.


Weeks 1-2 (Endurance): Rep Range = 12-20 reps

Weeks 3-6 (Hypertrophy): Rep Range = 6-12 reps

Part 1 Notes:

The beginning moves of each workout—the big moves—should be for lower reps at a higher weight, then slowly dropping weight and increase reps within the rep ranges given. For example, on Week 1, Day 1, bench press for 12 reps and do 20 reps of the single-arm cable chest flye.

So for the Endurance weeks, start by performing 12 reps. For each subsequent set, lighten the load and increase the reps. This will ensure that you can lift the most weight during the first set, then tax different muscle fibers with lighter weight. You’ll preserve your joints as well, as you’ll have to lighten the load to complete all of the reps.


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Part 1: Endurance Weeks 1-2: Endurance; Weeks 3-6: Hypertrophy

Week 1: Endurance

Week 2: Endurance

Week 3: Hypertrophy

Week 4: Hypertrophy

Week 5: Hypertrophy

Week 6: Hypertrophy