As an actor, every once in a while, I get booked to play a character on a show that films at some amazing location, such as Tulum, Mexico, where I just returned from. Production put me in a resort that was first class, but the hotel gym — like many such institutions — left much to be desired. I don’t blame the resorts; it’s a question of square footage versus how many guests will actually exercise while staying there (I was in the hotel gym twice a day for eight days and I saw a total of two people). So, for the fitness enthusiasts out there, how do we find a way to push ourselves when our hotel gym is so much less impressive than our home gym?

First, we must remember two rules of travel fitness: First, don’t compare your travel workouts to your regular workouts — there is no reason to! And second, any workout is exponentially better than no workout.

That said, sometimes we must get creative and find ways to accomplish our goals. Here are five ways to get a good workout in when your hotel gym is lacking:

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6 Useful Tips To Keep Fit While Traveling

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