Less than one week before Blessing Awodibu takes to the Indy Pro stage to seek his first professional victory, he was headlining another type of bodybuilding show. He was the guest of this week’s episode of “Monday Night Muscle.” Awodibu joined host Bob Cicherillo and guest host Flex Wheeler to talk about numerous topics.

Fans who follow him on social media may be aware that he has no problem talking. He’s been doing a lot of it in the offseason, and even as he prepares to settle into his rookie season. The man who will be making his pro debut this year explained why he has no problem speaking his mind.

“One of my goals is to change bodybuilding. Back in the day, Flex, Ronnie (Coleman), Jay (Cutler), s*** was exciting! You know, they bring a little bit entertainment to the sport. Even Arnold, “Pumping Iron,” it ain’t just like I’m going to eat my meals and everybody loving everybody … that s*** don’t sell. I feel bodybuilding deserves awareness. I feel like we can grow the sport and bring more eyes to what we do.”

Awodibu turned pro in 2017, but he’s laid low in the three-plus years since. His name grew exponentially when his online rivalry with fellow rising pro Nick Walker heated up. Awodibu didn’t hold back expressing his thoughts about this potential matchup.

“You’ve got to give it to the man, the man is a freak, no doubt. He’s young, freaky, and he has a lot of size. But when he steps next to a more complete physique, you can start to see weaknesses here and there. I pose better than him. The guy can’t pose. The only thing he knows is mass.”

“The Boogeyman” didn’t hold back on any topic including his background, why he took so much time off before making his pro debut, working with Chad Nicholls and Kai Greene, and more. Catch this episode in its entirety over at the Digital Muscle YouTube channel. Every episode of “Monday Night Muscle” premieres every Monday at 6 p.m. EST.

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