If someone is going to be a commentator in a sport, it’s best to have experience of competing at that sport at a high level. When it comes to bodybuilding, few are as qualified as Dennis James and Fouad Abiad. Both men have won contests, competed on the Olympia stage, and have transitioned nicely into media roles. As a matter of fact, they both have successful podcasts that attract numerous listeners.

This week, Abiad played the role of the guest on James’ latest episode of “The Menace Podcast.” As would be expected of two players in the bodybuilding industry, a lot of the conversation surrounded the 2021 Mr. Olympia and who would be in it. Abiad expressed that watching the action onstage this season has fueled his passion for the sport as a fan.

“I don’t know how much everyone else follows the sport, but man, I was watching the California Pro, and I was supposed to go train legs…I texted my buddy and was like ‘I’m going to be a half-hour late,’” Abiad shared with James. “I’m just a huge fan of the sport, man.”

Naturally, the topic of top Olympia contenders came up, and Abiad is high on someone that many people want to see back onstage, Sergio Oliva Jr.

“The danger thing is though, when someone with a massive frame like Sergio fills it in, now you have a guy that is massive and muscular,” he said. “When you see Sergio pose, you can see the passion in his face a bit. It’s almost like even if he isn’t as good as someone else, your eyes still draw to him.”

Another athlete that Abiad discussed is Nathan DeAsha, who is planning on competing later this year. Abiad spoke about his strengths and why he could be a dark horse this year.

“If he’s developed his back more during his time off, that’s going to shock a lot of people. I think that was the only area he was lagging a little bit, but his overall shape and structure, and he does come in condition a lot of the time. I’ve never really seen him out of shape.”

Of course, James had to ask Abiad about his own competitive aspirations. Is there a chance that we would see the Canadian legend back onstage? Abiad wasn’t ready to lean one way or the other.

“At this point, I’m not ready to completely to close the door, but at this point, it’s like a 50% chance at this point.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to two of the best talkers in the game chatting it up about all things bodybuilding. This special episode of TMP is available to watch now over at the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel. Make sure to catch regular episodes as well every Sunday, starting at 3 p.m. Eastern time.

0:30 – Intro/Fouad as a Talker

3:06 – Fouad the Fan

4:04 – California Pro Breakdown

7:45 – Puerto Rico and Chicago

11:50 – Fouad’s Motivation to Start His Podcast

13:44 – Who May Miss the Olympia?

21:35 – Cedric McMillan

30:55 – Hadi Choopan and Big Ramy

31:54 – Flex Lewis

34:36 – Conditioning

35:25 – New Generation

36:15 – Brandon Curry’s Chances of Winning the Olympia Again

37:45 – Roelly Winklaar and Nathan DeAsha

42:26 – Sergio Oliva Jr. and Hunter Labrada

45:15 – Any Chance Fouad Comes Back?

54:48 – Struggles of Contest Prep

1:02:59 – What They Miss/Life After Bodybuilding

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