Josh Brolin transformed his body to take on the role of Cable in Deadpool 2 , and he has Justin Lovato to thank for it.

Lovato is the mastermind behind Brolin’s Cable workout plan. And judging by everything we’ve seen from Brolin’s work in the gym, Lovato knows what he’s doing. So if you find yourself feeling inspired after you see Brolin’s biceps Deadpool 2 (in theaters now), we’ve got good news for you.

Lovato took to Instagram on Friday to share a sneak peek of a 12-week training and nutrition plan that he and the team at his site,, are launching in June. The transformation program, Cable Built, features the actual training and nutrition plan that Brolin followed to build his Marvel villain-worthy physique, but there’s a twist: It’s presented in comic-book form.

The comic book to encompass the program was illustrated by No One Comics, which released a preview sketch of Brolin’s Cable via Instagram on Wednesday.

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Some people might assume that 12 weeks is an unrealistic timeline to build a physique to rival Cable’s. But when Brolin enlisted Lovato to get him super-jacked ahead of Deadpool 2, he only had 11 weeks to build an upper body to match that of the 6’8″, 350-pound Marvel antagonist. Brolin started out at 210 pounds. By the end of the program, he stood at a shredded 181, complete with appropriately intimidating shoulders.

That said, Brolin’s transformation was no easy feat—he trained for about three hours each day, hitting cardio in the morning and training like a bodybuilder in the evenings, Lovato told Muscle & Fitness. Clearly, his hard work paid off.

The program is slated for release in June. Until then, catch Brolin’s delts in Deadpool 2 alongside Ryan Reynolds’ shredded abs.

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