When an IFBB Pro League competitor takes a stage, he or she is announced by name along with their home country. The athletes consider it an honor to represent their homeland while living their dreams competing around the world. Biki Singh is very familiar with that feeling as the first Classic Physique pro to come from India. He is a significant part of bodybuilding history in his part of the world.

Clearly, Biki SIngh wants to represent his home nation well when he steps onstage, and he thinks about that each time he poses in a show, which makes him a perfect candidate to answer questions about posing for both amateurs and pros. M&F Social Media Director Frank Sepe found those questions in the M&F DMs, and he posed those questions to Singh in a recent Q&A session from Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in Syosset, NY.

How often do you pose and how do you pick your posing music?

This posing room is my second gym this because this is a work of thing. When I work out, I do it as a pose. You will come here is easy to pose because that’s what Kai Greene told me. he’s posing onstage. So, he practiced that everywhere—when he drove and when he did other kinds of stuff, you know, it comes naturally when making (it) a life. You have to do practice every single day, not just at the gym. It’s not just one hour thing here. Bodybuilding is posing, it is all one thing, and you have to live this.

For the posing music, I go by the beats more than the lyrics. So, I don’t care like what the lyrics is. I choose the music that I love because posing is not what someone can teach you. It should come out automatically. The flow is like a dance.

What was the last song you used?

It is Punjabi because that’s what I listen to. I listen to Punjabi music so that is what I use. I’m trying to find a Punjabi song that Snoop Dogg had done. You gotta go resonate with the feel of the song.

If you pick one of the trendy songs in the United States, one of the songs you have to jam the song, you’re not going to have the same effect on you as far as, even mentally.

Punjabi music is what I grew up with. So, I put my headphones on, and that music is what lifts me up. The religion that moves the culture and everything, I have to find that in the music and I find that’s important. Because bro bodybuilding, is something that allows you to do anything in this world. The music world view is everything. I make sure you know whatever I do is all connected and I find connections.

If you’re 10 weeks out for a show, how often would you come in the posing room and pose?

I come in here every single day. At lease for five to 10 minutes, I’m coming in here to pose. This is not just a workout for me, it’s meditation.

It’s funny you say that because when I go to Hot Yoga and you wear shorts and nothing else to talk about 160 degrees, looking in the mirror keeps you accountable. So, when you’re coming in here in the offseason, you’re seeing yourself, are you like “I gotta kick it back a little I gotta do more cardio” because you don’t seem to be a person who likes to be out of shape.

I’m never out of shape, because my coach told me he taught me is if you lose your abs during the offseason, you’re not a bodybuilder, okay. A little fat here and there is okay, but I make sure I still have my abs and my striations in my quads. They are always there.

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