The 2013 Dallas Europa SuperShow was another smashing success. Never anything small in Texas, this was a BIG SHOW in that this was the last Men's Bodybuilding event for Olympia qualification in the United States. The last chance any bodybuilder has is in Finland.

Congratulations to Steve Kuclo, John Nguyen, Dana Linn Bailey and Dana Ambrose for the respective wins and Olympia qualification.

This was the best of Kuclo we have seen to date. Team Kuclo/Rambod knocked it out of the park. Essa Obaid looked just as hard and shredded from when he competed in Tampa but it wasn't enough to edge out Kuclo. Special shout-out to Lionel Beyeke and IFBB Pro Dennis James for cranking on Beyeke's prep between Tampa and Dalls producing the best package Beyeke presnted on stage to date. In my opinion, Beyeke should try on more time in Finland. And as for Essa, I believe this is the last for 2013. He told me in Tampa he would not be going to Finland if it came to that.

Great to see Dana Linn Bailey back on the professional stage. DLB took second last week and presented a look the judges were happy with this week. So the first ever IFBB Women's Physique Pro is headed to the Olympia!

2013 Dallas Europa SuperShow Results





IFBB Europa Supershow Dallas 2013

IFBB Europa Supershow Dallas 2013