“The best” is a remarkably fluid concept. Debates rage in all corners of art and popular culture. What constitutes the best movie in a given year? Or TV show, or song?

So when someone tells you they’re going to give you a listing of the “very best” biceps exercises, we understand your skepticism. We know you may look at the following choices by our selected panel of training experts with a raised eyebrow.

Is the standing barbell curl really the best biceps mass move? Does a preacher curl trump an incline dumbbell curl for the No. 1 peak builder? And when it comes to biceps isolation, how irked will you be that it’s a machine versus a free-weight exercise? (Let’s not even mention yet the controversial “top strength” entry.)

We encourage such debate—as long as you don’t miss the main point. That is, this list as a whole constitutes a kick-ass collection of proven, dependable exercises. Hate on a few if you must, but we think together they could make for the best biceps workout you’ve ever done.