64 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Incorporate these simple strategies to keep your physique looking its finest throughout the season.

1. Get A Dog (Or Join A Friend)

Taking Fido for a walk 20 minutes twice a day can help you shed more than 12 pounds a year.

2. Squat Heavy

Adding weight without compromising your form recruits more muscle fibers, so you’ll get stronger while burning more fat.

3. Go Fast 

Run 10 100-yard sprints to burn up to 500 calories.

4. Take Your Time

Wait 20 minutes before going up for a second helping.

5. Use A Blue Dinner Plate

Studies show the color blue has an appetite-suppressing effect (as opposed to red and yellow plates).

6. Load Up on Fiber 

Lentils, beans, edamame, and pears are all great sources to help you stay full between meals and snacks.

7. Eat Peanuts From Their Shells

You’ll nosh on 50% fewer nuts in a sitting just trying to crack them open before eating.

8. Work Out With Your Partner

Couples who train together are 34% more likely to stick to their workouts.

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