Summer is practically here, which means you need to start reeling in your diet. The best way to lose weight while boosting your immunity and overall health are with summer superfoods. If you don’t want your friends and family to recognize you—in a good way—by the time you’re allowed to leave the house you need to fix your diet.

Your diet is going to be more than half the battle when it comes to getting into good summer shape. How much you eat dictates if you’re going to gain or lose, but your nutrition also impacts your stress levels, hormones, sleep quality, and training performance. All of these factors play a role in how you look and feel. From a calorie standpoint, you can still lose weight and have a beer and burger every night, but you’re probably not going to feel great after a while. And if you don’t feel good you won’t train as hard or be as motivated—you see how this cycle goes.

That’s why what you eat is as important as how much. Besides being lower in calories and fat, whole foods like vegetables and fruits, also contain natural vitamins and minerals that can give our body an edge. While there’s no official “superfood” group, foods that contain high concentrations of vitamins and minerals are considered to be super. When buying these foods, however, be sure to get the freshest variety available. Otherwise, you risk buying an overly processed version that is either stripped of its positive properties or lack any satisfying flavor that just doesn’t appease your appetite.

These summer superfoods will brighten up your plate and pack a punch of nutrition — delaying muscle fatigue, burning fat, and creating higher testosterone levels. Piling up your plate with the following foods will help you get that much closer to hitting your fitness goals. We’ve compiled a science-backed list of superfoods, and outlined their benefits, so you can start picking smarter when it comes to your nutrition.

So next time your making a grocery list and heading out to your local grocery store, while also practicing good social distancing measures, remember to get these fresh and healthy summer superfoods.

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