The grilling season is upon us, and who doesn’t like a good BBQ? But will you be serving your guests and your family with healthy meats that will provide you with ample nutrients and protein without the heartache and stomach pains? Or will you be serving the meats that can potentially put your health and body at risk?

With the summer holidays just around the corner it’s easy to get carried away with serving up a plate full of fatty meats that are high in calories. We’re talking steaks, ribs, pork chops, sausages, even good ol’ burgers. And let’s not forget the the hot dog — the mother of American processed meats. These are a nutritional wasteland. According the AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research) processed meats have been linked to causing cancer, largely of the colorectal variety.

Not to scare you away from the grill this season, but facts are facts. Over-charring, over-smoking, even keeping an unkempt grill can affect the nutritional content of your meat. A clean grill coupled with some efficient cooking is key in serving the best quality food to your family and friends.

So what are healthy meats and which are still the best to serve while keeping your grill guests happy? There is a way to go clean and lean without sacrificing anything in the way of taste at the picnic table.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, add these five healthy meat proteins (not counting chicken breasts, obviously) to your grocery shopping list for a memorable summer cook-out that will cut down on the gluttonous feeling.


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