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The Six-Move Shoulder Blasting Workout Routine

Flex Editor David Baye’s shoulder routine is sure to help build and shape your delts.

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David Baye performing 3 shoulder exercises for his 6 shoulder exercises shoulder blasting workout routine
David Baye performing 3 shoulder exercises for his 6 shoulder exercises shoulder blasting workout routine

Flex Editor David Baye knows his way around a weight room. The two-time NPC Mr. Wisconsin winner executes his workouts with focus and precision. If you’re in need of fresh workouts to help you reach your own bodybuilding potential, Baye is your guy.

Fortunately, you can do that with this shoulder-blasting workout Baye shares. Give this shoulder blasting workout a go on your next delt day and you can see how he achieved his results for yourself.

About the Workout

Baye’s session is a high-volume workout. Each exercise is performed for four sets with a rep range of 10 to 12 reps. This is a great rep range to help build size in the shoulders without overwhelming the shoulder joints with heavy weight.

Baye’s Shoulder-Blasting Workout

Seated Dumbbell Press :

Baye sits on a seated bench with dumbbells and focuses on pressing straight up when doing this compound movement. He stops short of locking out the triceps which can help keep the tension on the shoulders.

David Baye performs a seated dumbbell press exercise for his shoulder blast workout routine
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Lateral Dumbbell Raise:

With a slight bend in the elbow, Baye lifts the dumbbells out to the sides until the upper arms are parallel to the floor. This keeps the emphasis on the side head of the deltoids.

David Baye performing a lateral dumbbell raise exercise for his shoulder blast workout

EZ-Bar Front Raise:

Having an EZ-Bar allows both shoulders to work together while lifting one object. This movement targets the front delts very well.

David Baye performing an EZ bar front raise exercise for his 6 moves to shoulder blast workout routine

Cable Upright Row:

The upright row can work both the rear and side delts. Using a cable keeps the resistance on the shoulders from start to finish. Perform the exercise with a show and consistent tempo.

David Baye performing a cable upright row exercise for his shoulder blast workout routine

Reverse Pec-Deck:

The rear delts can be a challenging area to isolate. Baye pulls the handles as far back as he can to maximize the contraction and establish the mind-muscle connection.

David Baye performing a reverse pec deck exercise for his shoulder workout routine

Barbell Shrug:

Shrugs target the traps which can be trained with either the shoulders or the back. Using a barbell allows you to use more volume and target the upper and middle portion of the traps.

David Baye working out his shoulder muscles with a barbell shrug exercise
Bodybuilder with big shoulders flexing his deltoids after a shoulder workout

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