Even if you’re changing exercises consistently, there is still a chance that your program lacks other important elements that are necessary to spur biceps growth.

Volume, reps, intensity, weights, hand position, and the types of resistance you’re using are all areas that require attention,” says Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert Adam Friedman, C.S.C.S., CN. “There are a bunch of ways you can do that, including moving from free weight to machine, or machine to cable.”

Equally as important is examining the types of contractions you’re using. “It’s not just about the concentric (raising), but also the eccentric (lowering) and time under tension (TUT),” he adds. “A lot of people do curls using too much weight and poor form. That removes constant tension from their biceps.”

Use these seven methods and exercises to shakeup your bi’s routine to get your guns growing.