Full-Body Exercises

The 10-Minute, Minimal-Space Full-Body Workout

This body-weight-only workout can be done in the amount of space a yoga mat takes up and requires only 10 minutes.

The 10-Minute, Minimal-Space Full-Body Workout
Per Bernal

Contrary to popular belief, an effective training session can be performed with nothing more than your body weight—and in 10 minutes. All you need is a floor. The next time you’re in a hotel or your gym is closed for renovations, whip out this workout, which trains your entire body.


Directions: Do as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. For the final four moves (aka a military plank), stay in the pushup position.

Exercise Reps
Seal Jack 40
Knees to Ankles 20
Buns Out 20
Split Lunge Hop 20
L-Sit Out 20
Mountain Climbers 20
Single-Leg Knee Tuck 10
Pushup 20
Plank Hold 30 Sec.