Curtis Williams knows a bit about speed. The Performix House trainer and Training C.A.M.P. owner’s first job was, oh, NFL wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. So he relished creating an innovative 30-day plan to fire up your 5Ks. The secret? Less running, more transforming your physique into a velocity machine.

“This workout is total body, but I prioritized explosive exercises for the lower half, particularly hips, hamstrings, and glutes,” Williams explains. “The stronger those muscles are, the faster you’ll be. There’s also core work, because being more stable through your trunk enables you to run more efficiently.”

Williams recommends hitting the routine twice a week (say, Monday and Thursday), running the following days (Tuesday and Friday), and recovering on other days.

Go for two to three miles on both weekly jaunts, but finish the second with eight to 10 hill sprints (five to 10 seconds). “They’re awesome for building speed,” Williams says. “Start with 75 to 85% of max effort, with 45 to 60 seconds of rest.”