Your hamstrings need to both look good and perform well. Because your hamstrings act as the “brakes” during the eccentric portion of your squats, deadlifts, and for running and changing direction. This makes eccentric hamstring strength important for good form, overall leg strength, and to prevent hamstring strains.

It’s worth noting that hamstring strain don’t happen when the knee is flexing concentrically, they predominantly occur when they extend eccentrically. But by performing eccentric knee flexor exercises, you will reduce the risk of hamstring strains because of improvements in eccentric strength and the length of the biceps femoris.

Here are three exercises that can help prevent the dreaded hamstring strain and improve performance, whether you’re performing in sports or in the weightroom.

The 20-Rep Squat Challenge to Test Your Lower Body

The Beginner's Basic Hamstrings Workout

Incorporate these exercises into your hamstrings workout for massive legs.

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