If you want to sculpt a huge, defined upper-body, you need to lift heavy weights to hammer your muscles. Yet barbell exercises like the bench press or military press can be murder on your shoulders and elbows while exercises with dumbbells can put a lot of pressure on your fragile wrists.

Instead, switch to kettlebell movements to target your muscles without the pain. Kettlebells allow your arms to move and twist freely and independently, unlike with a barbell. Also, because the weight of a kettlebell is below the handle and resting on your forearm, it’s easier on your wrists.

Use these are the eight best kettlebell exercises in your upper-body routine and start getting the results you want without the pain.

A few reminders on kettlebell exercises:

  • Always keep your wrist straight; avoid letting the wrist bend backward.
  • Hold the handle deep into your palm, not by the fingers.