Fit Rockstar show host Isabelle Turell has a great eye for talent in women’s bodybuilding. When she sees someone that has potential to make an impact, she will encourage that athlete to go for it. One woman that fits that description is Women’s Physique competitor Angela Yeo. Yeo has competed since 2017, but her big breaks came in 2020. After winning the Warrior Games contest in September, she went on to that year’s NPC Nationals and won the overall Women’s Physique title. Angela Yeo credited with being her true self and being in a good place mentally for her recent success that resulted in her pro status.

“I’m just trying to be me, and I really enjoy being where I’m at because it kind of pulls people up along with you,” Yeo told Turell. “It’s a little bit of a draft that happens, and if I’m doing well, I bring that back to my entire crew.”

Turell brought up a topic that Yeo has heard a lot about recently – making the switch from Women’s Physique to Women’s Bodybuilding. Now that she is in the IFBB Pro League, she can make that change if she feels her physique would meet the standards of the division. Yeo discussed that the host wasn’t the only one who has made that suggestion.

“There has been a lot of changes in just my mental state after the last few months of competition,” she stated. Just the incredible amount of encouragement, raw encouragement from people I don’t even know, that don’t owe me anything, that have been in this industry for quite some time, that are ever so point blank, ‘no, you’re bodybuilding,’ you know.”

Yeo also expressed that she is starting to feel the same way herself. After competing in Women’s Physique for five years, fans may get to see her in a bodybuilding lineup in the near future.

“I have not once had something come up in my mind that was like ‘well, maybe this isn’t (it).’ It’s been a lot of brainstorming.”

Yeo hasn’t competed as professional yet, but when she does, it could very well be in a bodybuilding show instead of Women’s Physique. Other topics that the two discuss are her favorite cheat foods, her experience in powerlifting, working with John Meadows, why she took an extended offseason, and more. Catch the full episode of Fit Rockstar over at the New shows drop every Saturday at 12 noon eastern time.