Dominique Columbus has been climbing the ranks in Hollywood for quite some time now. He’s taken on smaller roles on various TV and film projects, and he was even cast as Damon on the series “Ray Donovan,” but the 32-year-old actor has never been a part of a project the magnitude of “Road House.”

Columbus will be in the new reimagining of the Patrick Swayze classic film that is set to be released on March 8. The film also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, UFC great Conor McGregor, and Daniela Melchior. Columbus will have a prominent role as “Reef,” and as far as he’s concerned, he’s been ready for this moment for quite some time now.

“Honestly, it’s just preparation meeting opportunity,” he explained. “I grew up as an athlete. So, I put a lot of energy and time into this field.”

Even with his confidence in his abilities, the moment is not lost on him, neither is the expectation of the film to deliver. The original Roadhouse has been ranked as one of the elite films of all time, and it has its own massive fan base. The 2024 edition will have to deliver on its own merits while paying homage to the significance of the first if it doesn’t want to be classified as “another retread”. Columbus understands this and is optimistic about the new film’s potential.

“This on its own is special just because of the weight that comes behind it,” he shared. “Roadhouse is iconic, and to be a part of this one is a blessing.”

Dominique Columbus Has a Fighter’s Mentality

Columbus was comfortable portraying his character because of his familiarity with fighting. He was born and raised in California, and he grew up a big fan of boxing. He was first connected to the sport through his father, who was also his coach. He actually started a boxing school called “K.O. High” that helped mentor up and coming fighters. Columbus’ own passion grew as he advanced through childhood as a result.

“Boxing was my main sport growing up. It was very big in my family, and the character I play is a boxer. He knows how to fight. There was a lot of natural synergy for me and my character.”

Doing a fight scene during any shoot can be a challenge if you don’t know what you’re doing. Imagine having someone the caliber of McGregor alongside you. Columbus embraced the opportunity and felt a great connection to the original UFC “champ champ.” The average viewer may think McGregor had to share some tips with the young actor, but he revealed that wasn’t the case.

“We both had to learn and understand camera fighting. It’s a dance. The things we may do in real life had to be adjusted for the cameras. So, we both just had to figure out the dance, which was dope. He was so fun to work with.”

Filming a ‘Notorious’ Fight Scene

Even though McGregor was built for fighting, literally and figuratively, one may think that it’s harder to coordinate a dance like that which Columbus described. When asked to compare the MMA legend’s abilities versus more experienced actors, Columbus answered with no hesitation.

“There’s no comparison because he’s Conor McGregor,” he said with a smile. “It was about the energy behind it. I can’t compare it.”

Dominique Columbus invested more than time reading lines into this role. He went all in by committing physically as well. He put on 20 solid pounds for the role while maintaining a lean physique. He attributed that to maintaining his cardio and pushing himself in the weight room while following a solid and consistent diet. His discipline as an athlete helped him with this, but having a girlfriend that works as a fitness trainer and nutrition coach certainly helped him as well. Elizabeth Bash wasn’t in front of the camera, but she played her own big role in making sure Columbus was prepared when he was.

“I was able to work with someone who was amazing in her field to help me elevate what I am doing. I am already athletic, but the biggest work I needed to do was in the kitchen. The meal prep, extra calories to take in, all of that was what I had to pay extra attention to.”

Dominique Columbus hasn’t taken too many days off since filming wrapped. He already has more irons in the fire because he focuses on what’s next instead of looking back. Among those projects are other films, TV shows, and a podcast. He didn’t want to reveal too much just yet but promises details will be forthcoming in the near future. His long goal is to do many more films in the future, and projects like this one appeal to him.

“My goal is to keep impacting the action lane.”

You can follow Columbus on Instagram @domsperspective