You probably got into bodybuilding, running, or some other form of exercise in an effort to live healthier, and therefore live longer. After all, countless studies have shown that people who make themselves sweat regularly have more birthdays than those who don’t.

In your journey for improved health, though, there’s a good chance you’ve engaged in something that accomplishes the opposite. Many long-held beliefs about how to better your body have been debunked over the years, and some beloved traditions have been proven harmful.

There are also outright health frauds on the internet spreading fake news about nutrition and wellness. So, what should you believe?

Dave Asprey, a New York Times-bestselling author and health guru, believes he’s found the best way to not only live longer, but age backwards and, as he puts it, “maybe even live forever.” According to Asprey, there are things we do—or fail to do—during our lifetime that damage our cells, specifically the mitochondria, resulting in changes to our body that manifest themselves into one of four main “killers”: heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

In his latest book, Super Human, Asprey lays out strategies for making changes on the sub-cellular level to enhance the quality of your life, and even extend it. Every one of his claims are backed up by studies, referenced in the back of his book.

At close to 300 pages, it’d be almost impossible to share all of the book’s tips here. But here are just a few examples of how you can use your lifestyle, and Asprey’s suggestions, to bulletproof your life.

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10 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Get Healthier

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