Meal prepping for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be a total pain. And frankly, it’s not always possible for those with jam-packed schedules. But forgoing a healthy, muscle-fueling diet isn’t an option when you want to make gains. That’s why we love the idea of using leftovers to make protein-rich lunches for the week; it means there’s one less meal to stress about.

If you’re already cooking up basics like veggies, whole grains, and meat, the midday dishes you can create are truly endless—all it takes is a bit of imagination. From tacos to pizza, and everything in between, we’ve got the answers your lunchbox has been looking for. All of our ideas have about 25 to 30 grams of protein so you can stay on track with our beginner bodybuilder’s meal plan. And of course, feel free to add more veggies and protein to these dishes if you don’t think the portions will keep you satisfied ‘til your afternoon snack.

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