Meal-prepping in bulk at the beginning of the week is a staple tactic for countless bodybuilders. It’s convenient in the long run, but it’s a ritual that often includes prepping and cooking pounds of meat, which can lead to plenty of opportunities for cross-contamination. If you’re not careful, the raw veggies you’ve chopped up for snacking may come with a side of food poisoning thanks to a dirty cutting board or knife. 

If you enjoy preparing and eating protein-filled meat, there are small habits that can either keep your meat safe to eat or provide the opportunity for pathogenic bacteria to get you sick. Here, we cover nine food safety tips to remember while preparing your chicken, steak, pork, or any other meat to keep it safe from prepping to storage.


Top 20 Meat Sources That Provide The Most Protein

There are more options than the big three.

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