If there is a common bond among muscle men, it’s the propensity to pound protein shakes (aka smoothies). Since the advent of the blender, fitness enthusiasts have gulped these drinks down as a means to quickly gain access to the nutritional building blocks that a physique in transformation craves.

Too often, however, lifters fall into a lackluster shake routine by whirling together the same tired smoothie formula: milk, ice, protein powder, and maybe a bit of fruit. Functional, yes, but also a surefire recipe for a blender burnout.

To keep your taste buds guessing, start thinking of smoothies as being infinitely refillable with all sorts of ingredients. Yes, everything from beets to ricotta to pears can play a starring role in your next blender creation.

To shake up your morning routine, here are a handful of nutrient-dense and delicious recipes that unapologetically break the rules.

9 Foods That Should Always Be in Your Pantry

9 Foods That Should Always Be Part of Your Diet

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