The Covid-19  pandemic has taught us that there’s two types of people during every emergency. On one hand you have the doctors, nurses, first responders, healthcare workers, caretakers, and public service workers working hard to keep us safe, informed, and healthy. On the other hand you have the fearful, misinformed, stockpilers and oportunists looking to benefit from desperate situations.

One thing is for certain: When it comes to your own well-being you should only depend on yourself. Some may disagree and have failth in strangers and their fellow neighbors, but have you ever watched those Black Friday videos? Yeah, those aren’t the people you want to trust to take care of you or your loved ones.

When an emergency pops up, they’re going to grab the toilet paper and canned foods for themselves before making sure you’re taken care of. 

You’re always going to need a stash of shelf-stable foods and meals on hand for any type of emergency. If its not a highly-contagious disease, it might be a natural disaster. It’s still early and 2020 isn’t looking too good right now. 

So with that in mind, here’s a list of stored foods that should be in your survival kit. If you don’t already have one maybe you should make one when this whole thing blows over. 


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