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The 4 Biggest Holiday Fitness Destroyers

These innocent things are threatening to annihilate your fitness progress this holiday season. Identify them and avoid them.


This year, you actually did it. You crushed it all spring and went into the summer in the best shape of your life. You were the only guy who had visible abs at the Fourth of July beach party. You actually kept up with your program and  hit the gym during your August vacation. You even managed to stay away from all the Halloween candy you had laying around your house since what had to be the middle of September.

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But now comes the tricky part—the holiday season. And nothing can wipe out a full year’s worth of progress like the dinners, parties, commitments and stress that come in those few short weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. To help you avoid falling into those traps, here’s a heads up on the four biggest holiday fitness destroyers and some tips on what you can do to keep them at bay.

1. The Office Cupcake Lady

You probably never knew Sheila from accounting had dreams about becoming the next Julia Child until she started bringing in the cakes, pies, cookies and cobblers that she’s "testing out" in preparation for her big holiday dinner. And nothing will derail your muscle definition faster than a couple of slices of pumpkin cheesecake during your 3 o’clock coffee break.

The Remedy: The best way to avoid Sheila’s "goodies" (and, yes, I’m referring to her baked goods, you perv) is with something I call "the proximity defense." Most office treats get set up in a specific conference room, in the kitchen or at the baker’s desk. Do everything you can to avoid going past these areas and you’ll be much less likely to indulge. It may require you mapping out a new route to the bathroom, but no one said that keeping your title of “Best Biceps in the Design Department” would be easy.

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2. The New Year’s Resolution

So, you’ve let your gym membership slide and you’re thinking you’ll just wait 'til the post-New Year’s deals before you re-sign up. Or you figure, with all the holiday parties and dinners you have lined up, you may as well wait until after January 1st to really commit to that new low-carb diet plan. Problem with this kind of thinking is that while you are waiting for the perfect time to make fitness your priority, you are packing on inches to your waist and getting further and further away from your goals. And, at this rate, it will take you until April just to get back to where you were in October.

The Remedy: The answer is simple: Don’t wait. Find a nutrition plan or a workout program that excites you and start today. You’ll have a great head start going into the new year and you’ll stand out as the guy who is going against the grain by putting his physique first this holiday season.