That special holiday is right around the corner: Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday that we’re supposed to be thankful for everything that we have—family, friends, health, jobs, a roof over our head—but it’s also synonymous with feasting. We’ve preached about refeed meals and treating yourself every once and a while, but some people tend to go a little overboard on Thanksgiving.

The Calorie Control Council, a group that promotes healthy eating and exercise, estimate the average American will eat about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving — and unless you’re qualified for the Mr. Olympia, that’s way above what you should be eating in a single day.

This is because many of the food items you’ll see on the table are super-high in calories: mashed potatoes with butter, pecan pie, and stuffing are just some of the caloric bombs we see on the table on an annual basis.

But there are ways to enjoy yourself without exploding your waistline.

Here are a few tricks to avoid overdoing it at the dinner table and blowing your diet.


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