If you claim that you lift, you had better look like you do. The size and development of your arms will be the first body part people look at when they evaluate your physique. It’s just the way it is.

Having a nice set of pipes will remind yourself and others that you have put in some serious gym time. But with that time, your arm training can become stale and mundane, causing strength and muscle growth to come to a halt.

At this time, you need to find new ways to challenge your arms strength and get them to grow.

The basics biceps and triceps exercises will work but only for so long. Triceps pushdowns, skull crushers, barbell curls and hammer curls need to take a back sea for 6-weeks while you bust through plateaus with this arm workout.

Utilize this unconventional arm workout twice a week to freshen up your workout and increase your arm size. Be ready to have some tighter sleeves on your shirts with this one.

Man setting up for deadlift

Variations on 8 Common Exercises

Switch up your workouts

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