As long as you’re training upper traps for that Dwayne Johnson–esque, yoked-out look, it’s a good idea to hit the other two portions of the trapezius muscles as well as the middle and lower traps. Not so familiar with those? They’re part of the back musculature and are involved in most pullup, pulldown, and rowing movements, but zeroing in on them via isolation exercises promotes balanced development that enhances posture and reduces injury risk.

Consider this workout, designed by Jim Ryno, a personal trainer and owner of luxury home-gym design firm Iron House in Alpine, NJ (, as your one-stop shop for training traps. The first two exercises in the routine—wide-grip upright rows and alternating dumbbell shrugs—hit the familiar upper traps, while cable face-pulls work the middle and lower traps, and Smith machine leaning shrugs target the lowers.

All told, the routine is only four exercises but covers all you need for total trap enlargement.

wide-grip upright row

Monster Bear Traps Workout

An impressive upper body isn't complete without developed upper trapezius muscles.

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