Many kettlebell workouts feature high-rep schemes – some having you swing a bell for 15 or more reps per set. This lower body kettlebell workout, designed by celebrity trainer and M&F Reps podcast co-host Don Saladino, isn’t one of those.

Instead, Saladino wants you to focus on the quality of each rep and get that kettlbell moving as fast as possible.

“A lot of times you get into this high-rep mentality with kettlebells where we’re trying to do it as part of metabolic conditioning,” Saladino, who’s gotten celebrities such as Sebasatian Stan and Ryan Reynolds ripped, says. “Today what we’re doing is trying to focus on a little bit of speed.

For example, on the dead stop swing you’re going to perform a kettlebell swing as you normally would but much quicker. You’ll also reset the kettlebell on the ground in between each set.

Pick a weight that’s challenging for you, but not so heavy that you throw out your back once you get the kettlebell flying. Saladino uses two kettlebells throughout this workout, but says you can get away with just one, too.

You can follow along with Saladino by watching the video below.

Don’s Lower Body Kettlebell Workout
Exercise Reps Sets
A1. Kettlebell Windmills (Warmup) 6 3
A2. Hip Airplanes (Warmup) 6 3
B1. Dead Stop Swings 5 5
C1. Kettlebell Squat 5 5
D1. 1 Legged RDL 3 8
D2. Rack Split Squat 3 8

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