Most boxing workouts require you to hit a heavy bag, or at the very least have a pair of gloves on hand (no pun intended). But unless you’re a dedicated fighter, it’s very unlikely you have either of those things.

But still, it would be nice to look like some of the biggest boxers out there (well, except Andy Ruiz that is). Just look at Manny Pacquiao – the dude’s 41 and is more shredded than guys half his age. Or how about reigning Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua? He’s the living definition of lean and mean.

There’s a reason most boxers are absolutely ripped – running around a ring while holding your hands in front of your face, all while trying to punch your opponent’s lights out, requires a lot of energy and thus burns a serious amount of calories. The cardiovascular demand is immense.

So how do you get a boxer’s body without having to purchase their full-on ensemble? We turned to English boxing great Tony Jeffries, who won an Olympic bronze medal in 2008 and was undefeated in his professional career before being forced into retirement due to hand injuries.

“The Mighty Mackem” recommends shadow boxing, which requires nothing more than grit and your fists. This workout can be done in 30 minutes and will burn upwards of 200 calories in that time.

Before you get to the workout, here are some important tips:

When Jeffries says “warm up,” focus on the hips, shoulders, back, and legs – these will be the muscles you’ll use the most during your workout.

“Olympic footwork drill” refers to the following scheme: hit a 1-2 jab, step back with your hands in front of your face for defense, then step back in for another 1-2. Do that repeatedly for two minutes.

OK, now you’re ready to fight.

Shadow Boxing Workout
Exercise Duration
Warm up 3-5 mins
Jab-Cross-Hook 3-4 mins
Consistant Jabs 2 mins
REST 40 sec.
1-2 Combo 4 mins
Hook Hook Jab Jab 4 mins
Jab Cross Body 4 mins
2 Hook 2 4 mins
Shadow with New Combos 2 mins
REST 40 sec
1-2 Side Step 2-Hook-2 4 mins
1-2 Slip Slip 2 Hook 2 4 mins
Shadow With New Combos 2 mins
REST 40 sec
Shadow Boxing 2 mins
REST 40 sec
Olympic Footwork Drill 2 mins