Bodyweight training in many circles goes underappreciated and overlooked. Tell any gym rat that you work out, and the first question that comes out of their mouth is “How much do you bench?” But heavy weights aren’t necessarily the key to a gargantuan physique.

Two-hundred-forty-pound Indian super heavy weight wrestling champ “The Great Gama” built a 56-inch chest, enjoyed a 50-year undefeated wrestling career, and was considered to be one of the strongest men in his day while training with nothing more than his bodyweight. Go to your local chain gym and compare the physiques of “gym bros” to gymnasts who train with nothing more than their bodyweight—the gymnasts have more muscle and better symmetry. 

On top of all that, relying on the gym for your workouts puts a lot on the assumption that you’ll always have access to one. But whether you’re on vacation, the weather works against you, you’re short on time, or there’s a global health crisis like the coronavirus, a full gym may not always be at your disposal. For those times, there’s bodyweight training. 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of our most basic advice below.