The 2020 Olympia had several memorable moments. One of the biggest moments actually came from the 212 division. “The Giant Killer” Shaun Clarida climbed the mountain and left Orlando, Florida with Bob Cicherillo announcing him as the “new” Olympia champion.

Clarida’s life changed from that very moment, and he hasn’t looked back since. He was the guest on this week’s episode of “The Menace Podcast”, and he was telling host Dennis James about what is different for the New Jersey native now that he is the number one 212 bodybuilder in the world.

“I’ve traveled so much in the last four months. It’s been nuts,” he told James. “I’ve been to Texas, here (the TMP studio), Florida a couple of times. Going to Florida again next week. I’m just everywhere right now.”

Another change that he saw after being declared the champion is the awareness of him. His social media hit a growth spurt after he left the Olympia stage that night.

“I’m going to be real with you. My Instagram and Facebook blew up over those couple of days, like people I haven’t heard from since elementary school.” he explained. However, he is still cautious about who he lets “in” his inner circle.

“I have a very small circle, and I keep it small for a reason. These people have been rocking with me since before I started placing, before I won a pro show.”

Shaun Clarida isn’t just seeing changes in life. His approach to preparing for shows is going through a change as well. Now he’s the hunted instead of the hunter. There are also doubters and critics who feel he has maxed out his potential. He was quick to speak up against that theory.

“Everyone says ‘well, can Shaun improve? Can he get better?’ I’ve done that every year from the ’15 Olympia to now. I’ve gotten better with both my physique and my placings,” he said proudly. “I’m even more crazy now that I have the title because no one’s taking my title away from me. Period.”

Get to know Clarida and find out what exactly he feels will help him stay on the throne of the 212 division, and how long he plans on keeping the title. Catch this week’s episode of TMP in its entirety over at the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel. While you’re there, you can see interviews with other guests such as Hunter Labrada, Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw, and more.

0:34 – Shaun Told DJ He Would Win

1:40 – Get to Know Shaun

3:25 – From Wrestling to Bodybuilding

7:15 – Taking His Time to Grow

8:30 – Winning to Losing to Turning Pro

10:05 – How He Became “The Giant Killer”

11:40 – Pursuing the Olympia

17:48 – Don’t Mess Anything Up

19:00 – Shaun’s Thoughts on the 2020 Olympia

22:42 – How Has Life Changed?

28:26 – What’s the Plan Now?

32:37 – What Feedback Did He Get?

33:47 – How Much Can He Improve?

35:00 – The 212 Division Competitors

42:45 – Can You Imagine Not Winning?

43:47 – Training and Recovery

47:28 – Shaun’s Girlfriend

50:00 – The Rigors of Prep

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