On the season premiere of the Fit Rockstar Show, host Isabelle Turell went outside of the bodybuilding world to bring in a guest. Her choice didn’t disappoint. Bellator MMA fighter Jessica “The Black Widow” Borga joined Turell for a full discussion about her career and life. When Turell pointed out that Borga spoke and conducted herself so well for someone who competed in her sport, Borga explained the mindset that she had about her career when compared to her personality.

“It’s like a Jekyll and Hyde thing. Everyone has their faults. I have a dark passion that I need to let loose sometimes,” Borga told the host. “That’s my portal.”

Turell asked Borga what it was that led her to fighting professionally. The Florida native explained that her past included dealing with trauma.

“A lot of bad stuff happened to me when I was younger, and I think I channeled it in a way that got me in a lot of trouble in school,” she said. You may think that she was a bully, but she revealed that she actually defended those that couldn’t defend themselves.

“I was a bully to the bullies. It was like a vigilante.”

Jessica Borga went on to reveal that one form of trauma she dealt with was domestic violence. Specifically, it was childhood domestic violence that affected her upbringing. She went to to tell a story about a time she defended a woman in a bar, knocking out a man that was being aggressive. She was wearing a jean skirt and heels while doing it too.

“I knocked him out. I have a powerful punch luckily.”

As for fighting professionally, Borga got into the sport in her mid-twenties, but it was clear that this was something she could excel at. She had been presented with multiple opportunities in other endeavors along the way, but it’s clear she has tunnel vision when it comes to what she does now.

“I want to climb that ladder, that top then, and at least fight for the title,” Borga proclaimed. When pressed by Turell if she would continue to fight if she were to win a title, she wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know. I want to say now that I would like to keep going.” she explained. “It would depend on how I feel and how old I am (laughs).”

Borga and Turell talk more about Borga’s past, the world of MMA, opportunities from the WWE and Hollywood, social media, and more. Catch the full episode as well as all episodes of FRS over at www.wingsofstrength.net.