The sport of bodybuilding is full of rising stars who want to be recognized as champions in the near future. One of those stars is Blessing Awodibu. A native of Nigeria who moved to Ireland as a child, Awodibu saw initial fame through entertaining videos on social media. He told Dennis James on this week’s episode of The Menace Podcast that the videos are an extension of his actual personality.

“That’s who I am, man,” he says. “Like, I’m a positive guy. I love making people laugh. They call it funny s**t, but that’s just me. I love being me.”

While those videos and moments have paid off for Awodibu, that isn’t the end game for him. He wants to be remembered as one of the best bodybuilders in the world.

“My dream is to be one of the best, you know,” Awodibu told James. “My dream is to compete at the Olympia and you know, maybe win that show once or twice.”

Awodibu wanted to fulfill that dream this season. He was very vocal about facing and beating other rising stars like Nick Walker and Justin Rodriguez. Unfortunately for him, he placed third at the Indy Pro and fifth at the New York Pro. In spite of that, he said that he has no regrets about the way he went about his business.

“What I did worked. Everything worked. I was happy that Nick was able to engage in that, and followed through. When I talk about changing bodybuilding, and bringing something new to the table, I feel the sport can benefit from that.”

Those contests didn’t go the way he planned, but he is already focused on next season.

“One thing I know is that I need more muscle mass all around, at least 15 pounds but I feel like I can put on 20 pounds,” he said confidently. He expressed that the experience of facing other pros onstage will help him going forward.

“You have to step onstage and experience it. Money can’t buy that. That experience is absolutely everything for me. That’s what I needed to see. Now I know what I gotta do.”

Awodibu talks about the people he has in his corner, the way he is going to train in the future, and which bodybuilders he looked up in this in-depth interview. Catch this and every episode of TMP over at the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel. Episodes air every Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern time.


0:50 – Nigeria

3:10 – Mr. Funny Man

4:51 – Living to Ireland

9:53 – Bullying and Racism

12:27 – Road to Turning Pro

18:06 – My Dream is to Compete at the Olympia

19:11 – Indy Pro and NY Pro

25:53 – Any Regrets?

28:43 – Changes to Make

30:19 – The Right People

33:55 – Strategy Going Forward

35:17 – Training with Kai Greene

39:04 – What Physique Does He Like?

40:40 – Next Five Years

44:43 – Nick Walker and Olympia Contenders

49:38 – Olympia Top 6 Prediction

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