Any bodybuilder or physique athlete who has competed knows the following statement: “Bodybuilding shows are won from the back.” As cliché as it may sound or read, the message can’t be ignored. When you face the curtain and reveal your back to the judges, it better be on point. If it isn’t, you’ll find yourself making your way down the placings real fast. Width, density, and detail are all factors to look for when you’re looking at the back of a physique athlete.

The 2021 Mr. Olympia is approaching quickly, and everyone that will be gracing the stage in Orlando on the weekend of Oct. 7-10 are working hard on back day. Some competitors are keeping their plans and programs under wraps while others are so confident that they are sharing progress pics and clips of themselves in action at the gym. The athletes that are below are leaving no stone unturned, no weight unlifted, and no rep left behind.

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