You might think duck hunting is all about sitting around in a field, a dozen donuts at the ready, while your decoys do the work. Every once in a while, stop, shoot, then sit back and relax all over again.

Not quite, says Chad Belding, champion duck caller, serial entrepreneur and host of The Fowl Life, now in its 12th season on The Outdoor Network

“Picture this,” he says. “It’s 19 degrees and a bunch of geese come into a cornfield in North Dakota and you do your thing and harvest some of them. Now there’s another flock coming, so you’re running out to grab those downed birds and get back in your blind. If you’re out of shape and your heart rate gets too elevated, you’re not going to be able to make an accurate, safe, clean shot on the next one.”

“But,” Belding continues, “if you’re training regularly in the weight room, you’re doing cardio intervals, you’re building your stamina, you can control your breathing. You’re going to get your heart rate down before that next flock arrives. When you’re strong and limber, you’re going to be a better hunter.”

Jason Hairston

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