Chicago list now

IFBB Pro Bodybuilding hasn't had a show held in Chicago in about 20 years, when the Olympia was held there, so the city is excited to once again bear witness to this display of male and female muscle on July 7th. True fans should take note that this is one of the largest women's bodybuilding contests in many years with 18 IFBB Professional Women Bodybuilders registered to compete.

This is the first time Erik Fankhouser is stepping back on stage since 2010. Erik changed his workouts as well as his diet and has been solely focused on redeeming himself in 2012. Fred Smalls will also be competing. Fred jumped straight from the amateur ranks to placing 3rd at the Europa Battle of Champions. Erik and Fred, along with the other 10 men in the lineup, are looking for first place.

In addition to the Big Boys, I am looking forward to the mini-Titan battle between Ahmad Ahmad and Derik Farnsworth. Always an entertaining competitor, Derik's been hitting it hard so let's see how that's paid off.

Flex Magazine and I, accompanied by the crew, will be covering this contest. We'll be providing video and pictures. So follow along right here!

2012 IFBB Chicago Pro Mens Open Bodybuilding Competitor Lists

IFBB Pro <a class=Erik Fankhouser” src=”” style=”width: 374px; height: 561px; float: right;” />1. Baitollah Abbaspour
2. Grigori Atoyan
3. Steve Burke
4. Omar Deckard
5. Jamal Ahmed Elmadawy
6. Erik Fankhouser
7. Adorthus Cherry
8. Valentin Jabes
9. Hennie Kotze
10. Manuel Lomeli
11. An Nguyen
12. Fred Smalls

2012 IFBB Chicago Pro Mens 212 and Under Bodybuilding Competitor Lists

1. Ahmad Ahmad
2. Derik Farnsworth
3. Bola Ojex
4. Panexce Pierre
5. Rixio Tapia

2012 IFBB Chicago Pro Womens Bodybuilding Competitor Lists

1. Carri Baldwin
2. Natalia Batova
3. Giusy Caputo
4. Tazzie Columb
5. Nathalie Foreau
6. Judy Gaillard
7. Alevtina Goroshinskaya
8. Aurelia Grozajova
9. Monique Jones
10. Nancy Lewis
11. Sharon Madderson
12. Wendy McCready
13. Elizabeth Meza
14. Emery Miller
15. Helle Nielsen
16. Amy Sibcy
17. Sherry Smith
18. Melody Spetko

2012 IFBB Chicago Pro Womens Physique Competitor Lists

1. La'Drissa Bonivel
2. Laura Davies
3. Melissa DiBernardo
4. Tamee Marie
5. Jennifer Robinson
6. Mikaila Soto
7. Trina Thompson
8. Kim Tilden
9. Nola Trimble
10. Paula Williams-Gulman

2012 IFBB Chicago Pro Figure Competitor Lists

1. Yolanda Alvarado
2. Tiffany Archer
3. Michelle Bates
4. Becky Clawson
5. Vicki Counts
6. Aleisha Hart
7. Catherine Holland
8. Jacqueline Hoppe
9. Candice Lewis
10. Georgina Lona
11. Chelsey Morgenstern
12. Chikondi Mseka
13. Tiffany Procopio
14. Sherlyn Roy
15. Kimberly Sheppard
16. Alea Suarez
17. Laura Sutter
18. Gloria Tarpley
19. Natalie Waples