To win the Mr. Olympia, as only 15 men have done in the competition’s history, you have to pay attention to every detail of your physique. Not only do you have to make sure the muscles look impressive when posing, but you need to feel confident about them when relaxed.

A big pair of triceps is what can make or break a competitor onstage. If you have that three-headed monster looking large and detailed, you’re going to have a good contest. These five men clearly mastered how to develop the tricep. If you want to stretch sleeves and the tape measure, read how they did it and then try the workout below for yourself.

2019 Mr. Olympia and professional bodybuilder Brandon Curry working out his chest with a standing machine press exercise

5 Go-To Chest Exercises From Mr. Olympia Winners

Build a bigger chest with these favorite exercises from past Mr. Olympia winners.

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