In the Golden Age of bodybuilding, squats were christened “The King of Lifts,” and with good reason; any squat variation you choose will smoke the two biggest muscle groups in your body—the quads and the glutes—with significant help from the hamstrings, core, and calves. Because you’re working many large muscle groups, and moving several key joints through a near-maximal range of motion, a squat workout will challenge your mobility and cardiovascular fitness as well. And it’s been shown to burn calories at a higher rate than most exercises, so it’ll get you lean and mean.

Throw in the undeniable badass factor of wedging your body between an Olympic bar and the floor, and you’ve got an exercise for the ages. Which variation is best for you depends on your goals, preferences, and injury history.

Choose your lower-body-blasting weapon based on the criteria below:

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