It’s no secret that high-intensity interval training is a fantastic way to build overall conditioning. From fat loss to muscle gain, HIIT is one of the most popular ways to get in better shape without spending hours in the gym. In fact that’s why here at Muscle and Fitness we’ve created a full-body HIIT workout that can be done in less than a half hour.

This intense training style — ideal for both beginners to advanced athletes — is a time-saving alternative to endurance training, which consists of a number of short bursts of intense exercises with short recovery breaks in between.

And the great thing about HIIT is that you will never run out of ways to train, putting boredom at bay. “The options for HIIT are only limited by one’s imagination and can easily be mixed in with resistance training,” says Michael Wittig, a certified personal trainer who often incorporates this style of training as a conditioning tool with his clients.

Pairing different training techniques within the same HIIT session is also a great way to keep your body from hitting a plateau while blasting mega calories and recruiting serious muscle fibers.

Strength & Cardio: The Perfect Pair

Combining strength training and cardio in the same workout is multitasking at its finest — especially when a jump rope is involved. From increasing endurance to blasting calories to building lean muscle to gaining strength, consider the two a perfect pair.

Strength training builds lean muscle, which can help boost your metabolism and burn more calories at rest, while cardio, on the other hand, releases feel-good hormones in the brain, such as serotonin, according to a 2019 study published in Preventive Medicine. Pair them together and you have all you need on one workout!

For this workout, all you need for getting a great sweat is a pair of dumbbells and a jump rope.

How to modify your HIIT

Whether you’d like to lessen the intensity or want to ramp it up, switching the work and rest times is key, according to Wittig. He recommends shortening the work time and possibly lengthening the rest time for those looking to lighten it up a bit while doing the opposite for those looking to up the intensity. “Reducing rest periods will make the workout much more intense” he adds, while lengthening the rest periods will make it slightly easier.

The 20-Minute Full-Body HIIT Workout

Perform each of the exercises below, alternating between jumping rope for 30 to 60 seconds and performing 15 reps of the dumbbell exercises listed. Rest for 30 to 60 seconds before repeating the circuit once more.

Equipment needed

A pair of dumbbells (preferably lighter than you normally lift, due to higher reps and shorter rest periods). (You can substitute with bands if you’re outside or on the road.
A jump rope (For a more intense jump rope session you can use a weighted rope.)

Set 1 Exercise Duration
Jump Rope 30-60 Seconds
Bentover DB Row 15 reps
Rest: 30-60 seconds
Set 2 Jump Rope 30-60 Seconds
Military Press 15 reps
Rest: 30-60 seconds
Set 3 Jump Rope 30-60 Seconds
Stiff- leg Deadlift 15 reps
Rest: 30-60 seconds
Set 4 Jump Rope 30-60 Seconds
Hammer Curl 15 reps
Rest: 30-60 seconds
Set 5 Jump Rope 30-60 Seconds
Dumbbell squat 15 reps
Rest: 30-60 seconds
Set 6 Jump Rope 30-60 Seconds
Triceps Kickback 15 reps
Physically fit man doing a cardio HIIT workout by running up a flight of stairs

Everything You Should Know About HIIT

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