For Devon Levesque, fitness is a family affair. His grandfather and father were both pro bodybuilders, his mother competed in physique, and he grew up with a 2,000-square-foot gym in his house. So the Performix House trainer embraced designing a 30-day program to get you shredded. It’s all about ramping up your metabolism so you’re burning calories 24-7.

“I focus on creating muscle memory and going more in-depth,” Levesque explains. “Rather than a regular bear crawl, you’re pushing a plate in front of you, and instead of bicycles, you’re doing bicycle extensions.”

These HIIT circuits may be brief, but they’re challenging to complete with little rest and proper form. Levesque advises doing each twice a week or more, plus a mile run daily to keep those fires stoked—with­in reason. “You have to listen to your body,” he cautions. “If you’re so sore you can’t move, then you need to recover. But if you can do six days, three of each workout, you’re going to get even better results.”

Try the workouts along with the following tips, and start shopping for boardshorts, because you’ll be beach-ready in a matter of weeks.