Surf’s up, bro. And it’s the perfect time to not only hit some killer swells at the beach, but also get a good pump on while you’re there, too.

The following CrossFit workouts are quick, intense, and guaranteed to leave you sweaty in the sand. You can do these just about anywhere with a little modification, but there’s nothing quite like hitting the beach to earn the Baywatch body you want.

Just don’t expect any slow-motion running—these are some hardcore calorie-burners.

(Editor’s note part one: If you’re planning on entering the water, take note of surf/shoreline/weather conditions before jumping into the surf. Hazardous conditions like rip currents or undertow can endanger even strong swimmers.)

(Editor’s note part two: If you’re planning on entering the water, do these workouts where a lifeguard is on duty. It’s also a good idea to check in with lifeguards and explain your workout so they know not to leap into action every time you sprint into the surf. Lifeguards will typically react to those kinds of signals, so explaining your workout to them can clear up any confusion beforehand.)