Strap your goggles on. It’s pool season. And swimming isn’t just a perfect way to get outside while it’s warm out—it’s also a great CrossFit-style workout, and a great way to recover from your normal gym sessions.

Of course, CrossFit boxes don’t typically program pool workouts, for the simple reason that most CrossFit boxes don’t have pools. But swimming routinely pops up in the CrossFit Games, and elite CrossFitters like Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir routinely hit the pool for their workouts.

The following CrossFit swimming workouts aren’t the mind-numbing, stare-at-the-bottom-of-the-pool-for-two-hours workouts you used to do at the neighborhood YMCA. No, these pool workouts are just as intense as any terrestrial CrossFit WOD.

Note: Just as with any workout, make sure you warm up and loosen up your shoulders before jumping into these workouts full-bore. A good warmup is to swim slow and steady for 10 minutes. From there, do a shoulders warmup like this one on the pool deck before getting back in the pool.