Lately it seems every time you turn on the television, go online, or flip through the pages of a magazine, there are quizzes everywhere asking how well you know a certain subject with “Fact or Myth” and “True or False” questions. It’s always interesting to learn the truth about important topics that can affect your life, health, finances, etc., but even more intriguing is that some of what we always thought to be “facts” are now deemed incorrect.

Take for instance your doctor’s sound advice to tip your head back when having a nose bleed to stop the blood flow—MYTH! This is now advised against. Just as general beliefs change, so do the way we see philosophies on training, diet, and preparing for an event. Below are some of my top “Myth Busters” regarding weight and fat loss.

Now Even Science is Coming for Social Media Fitness Influencers

New Research Questions the Validity of Fitness Inf...

Be wary of what’s on your Instagram feed, especially when it comes to weight management tips.

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